Discover on this page a selection of designs I've made for UXs (Swoozy, Wizzmo for Android and TV), T-Shirts and even a board games! Posters will also complete this section.

Motiv8 UX-Prototype

The Motiv8-App prototype is a personal training and self-motivation Android-based app. The application gives the users some hints such as which activity they have to achieve, an interactive activity planner and a logbook, in which users can rate their day or activities based on their mood.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator - ionic Framework

Wizzmo - Car Entertainment System

Wizzmo Mobile Car Entertainment System is an Android App for those who are tired of using their inbuilt car entertainment system and would like to use a more fancier system while driving. The first version of Wizzmo was entirely built with Actionscript 3.0 and Adobe Flash and exported as AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) to the Google Play Store.

The second version was developped purely using Unity and integrates 3D scenes


Tools used: Adobe Fireworks CS6 - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Flash - AIR Runtime - Unity


Android Application for the quick management of loyalty cards. I've implemented this concept long before solutions such as Apple Wallet. The app only stores barcodes and QR placed on the back of popular loyality cards. At the checkout you only need to scan the corresponding barcode. An option also integrated the possibility to store barcode-based coupons.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator - Adobe XD - ionic Framework


Have you never asked yourself how old the news presenter could be? Or perhaps in which town your favorite sitcom was filmed? Never wished to get more video clips of the singer currently being interviewed or to get more information about a car in this secret agent film ? If you have ever asked yourself these questions and wanted to get instantly a precise answer then you will love Swoozy! Swoozy uses gesture inputs from several sources like Tablets, Leap Motion or Kinect-Camera to adapt the TVs UI and display context informations. More about this system:

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator / Fireworks CS6 - Adobe Flash - Adobe Flash Builder - AIR Runtime

Formula Board

I created this board game that follows the rules of the famous racing serie. The elements (including the box design and the mini-cars) were created using Illustrator. The board itself or better said the background map is composed of 8 plastified A5 sheets. The 52 cards were printed at

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator - Blender for 3D-box rendering

T-Shirt Brand New Friends - Old Garage Edition

I got this idea of this T-Shirt while collecting old Esso and Shell oil cans. As a car lover, I've imagined that the two Esso "Drop" characters are driving on the Nationale 7 road (a famous historical road in France also called the "Holiday's road" - "Route des vacances") and during their trip they meet the Agip dog and the Abarth scorpion. Of course no puncture will happen because Bibendum is there to protect them and wish them the best for her road trip.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop - Printed at Spreadshirt

T-Shirt - Chill Running

This T-Shirt was designed for a team participating at a 10km running race in my home town.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop - Photo model :

Map illustration for a fantasy book

This map was created for a fantasy book. During a fascinating journey a group of young kids explore their county in order to find the solution to counter a bad spell of an old witch. They discovered that the witch has dropped a curious potion into the river thus contaminating the whole county. Animals and humas of the county are getting tired and ill, but thanks to the young kids and their perspicace friend the Lynx the situation betters as they fought against the witch and her magical tricks.... and of course they won and became the new heroes of the whole county :-)

Tools used: Pen - Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop

Information is Beautiful Award - Stock check & Reserve Levels

In the year 2009, David McAndless - the famous author of the book "Information is Beautiful" ( made a series of contests ( Here was my contribution for the topic "Stock check". Even if we are 2022 - some data are unfortunately still up to date and show us how fragile our Earth is.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

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