This summer was huge for music fans. Here is my selection of the best songs and tracks played this summer during the two major sport events: EURO 2012 and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. You will certainly recognize some of these tunes and when they were played.

Plug-in your earphones and enjoy this musical trip!

Two Steps from Hell – Heart Of Courage / Euro 2012

This is perhaps the most powerful track after Handel‘s Zadok the Priest – The Champions League Anthem ( for the athlete’s entry onto a stadium) and was played before each football game as the teams entered into the stadium. Heart Of Courage is a real must-have for epic music fans. If you really like this track I highly recommend you to take a look at the duo Two Steps from Hell and their both wonderful public albums named “Invicible” and “Archangel”. One of the best musical discovery this year. This track was also used during the Olympics (athletes final). And if you have a mobile phone you can download their newest application that will enable you to discover 20 new tracks of their upcoming album “Demon’s Dance” (

Opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London

This opening ceremony was full-loaded with real good music and tracks. Since Athens 2004 with Tiesto’s Parade of Nations, no Olympic ceremony has ever been musically so powerful as London 2012’s. The music of the ceremony was composed (except for the artists interpreting their own song ) by British electro duo Underworld.

And I will kiss – Underworld

Perhaps one of the greatest moments and visually most emotionally loaded part of the ceremony: the lifting of the five golden rings.


The “David Beckham on the speed boat” track : I Hear Wonders – David Holmes

This was a really nice sequence, with a real spy-ish track. Gave the scene a whole new dimension while David Beckham hold the torch passing under London’s Tower Bridge on the Thames. The sound track is I Hear Wonders composed by David Holmes.


Chariots of fire – London Symphony Orchestra

The most hilarious moment of the whole ceremony (ok the Jump of the Queen with Daniel Craig was not bad 😉 ) As a huge Mr. Bean fan I was sooo happy to see him again in a brand new role playing a single note along a really funny video. The Chariots of Fire is a big classic and curiously I haven’t heard it a lot in the last past decades. Initially composed by Vangelis, the Chariots of fire were modernized by the London Symphony Orchestra and were used at the medal’s ceremony.


For Years – High Contrast


Caliban’s Dream – Underworld

This song composed by Underworld was played when the Olympic cauldron was lit by seven young athletes. A huge moment and a really nice music full of emotion especially when the cauldron was formed and raised up.


Chemical Brothers ‘Velodrome’ – London 2012

The return of the Chemical Brothers? What a great surprise to hear the Arabic-sample of  “Galvanize” again and used in the parade of the athletes as opening and closing anthem, but did you know that they have also composed a special song for the Velodrome venue? Here’s the full flashy clip (realized by CrystalCG – The company who also created the content for the Audience Pixels and Roof LED in the Olympic stadium). It’s a good mix between Krafwerk, Daft Punk and some nice visual allusions to TRON 😉 You will certainly like it:

Hey Jude – Paul McCartney

The final song of the wonderful opening ceremony.

Isles Of Wonder

Fortunately the organizers have released the official compilation of all tracks of the Opening Ceremony in a really good compilation named “Isle Of Wonders”. Some tracks  and artists are missing (Adele, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones (mainly due to rights)), but “Isle Of Wonders” is a real must-have. Click here to discover the full album preview on Amazon.





Closing ceremony of the 2012 summer Olympics

This ceremony was as huge as the opening one but with a more Brit-pop touch. Here are some of the best tracks played during the closing ceremony

West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys

Right Here, Right Now – Funk Soul Brother! – Fat Boy Slim

What a big surprise to see Norman Cook pop out of this big inflatable octopus. For me the best part of the ceremony.


Spice Girls

This was also a big surprise to see that after all these years the world’s first girls band is still rocking. Of course only the oldest of us will understand what a real girls band is, back in the 1996’s when Mel C, Victoria, Emma B, Mel B and Gerry Halliwell started their careers.


Wonderwall – Oasis – Beady Eye

Today is gonna be the day… Yes this was Brit-pop, the 90’s, Take That, East 17, Spice Girls and Oasis: they influenced a whole generation with their tunes and at the Closing Ceremony Liam Gallagher has proved that the spirit of Brit-Pop is still living.

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