In 2023 the magical word in the music industry will be "interpolation" again with artists, resampling or repicking old tracks to turn them into a hit again (think of all the hits of Dua Lipa, Adriana Grande, David Guetta). Today I'd like to present you one fascinating interpolation of an old track named "Hello Bimmelbahn" which led to several remixes and versions during the last 50 years.

Let's start with the original track:

Hallo Bimmelbahn - Nighttrain (1973)

Hallo Bimmelbahn was written by two German brothers Heinz and Jürgen Huth who formed the group Nighttrain in 1973 (50 years ago!). They sang about a locomotive. Not the smashing hit but it was produced by the famous German producer Michael Holm (Mendocino). You will notice some typical 70s organs and disco rythms which both songs are sharing.

Gotta Go Home by Boney M. (1979)
A few years later in 1979, the famous group Boney M made a cover of "Hello Bimmelbahn" with their smashing hit "Gotta Go Home". The lyrics were written by the famous song writer Frank Farian. And here again we have the famous Uh,uh,uh. of the Bimmelbahn...

And after hearing this track you will certainly stand up and say: "Stop stop, this is "Duck Sauce" !!!"

Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce (2011)

You've recognized it! Almost 40 years later in 2011 Duck Sauce (a duo formed by the famous DJs Armand Van Helden and A-Trak) the locomotive wistles again with the hit "Barbara Streisand". Interesting fact: the Duck Sauce version is completely based on samples taken from Gotta Go Home but none from Hello Bimmelbahn.

Jetset - Carmen Geiss - (2018)

I thought that with Duck Sauce the journey of our locomotive would end at the central station in glory and fanfare... but no... it came worse. Our locomotive was musically crashed by Carmen Geiss in 2018. The "Uh,Uh, Uhs" were resampled in "Jetset, Jetset" to musically support the reality TV-Show of the multimillionaire Geiss family.

And now this might be the fate of our locomotive:

(Accident at Gare Montparnasse 1895 in Paris)

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