Do you need a fancy and original webcamera stand for your visio-conference? Why not building one with Lego® bricks? All you need are some Lego® Dots and a few Lego® Technic parts. And for the privacy nerds I've even added a flag with a hinge to hide the camera when you are not using it. The initial idea for this DIY came when I wanted to "recycle" an old action camera as a webcamera. My camera model was an HD Maxxter and when connecting it to USB you can use it as a webcamera. So far so good, but I couldn't find the stand. So this was a good starting point to build a Lego based stand :-) A few minutes later I had finished the design of the model and grabbed some Lego® Dots and a few Lego® Technic parts. To make it more funny I've added a Minifig and cameras (actually spare parts of an old Lego® sets of the 90s'). The flag was also part of a set, but can't remember which one.

I've reproduced the model with the Studio Bricklink software.

Happy building!

You can download the file here:

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