Last time I’ve watched MTV I was surprised to see this superb non-subliminal ad for the upcoming Renault Twizy in David Guetta’s Where Them Girls At music video:

Renault Twizy featured David Guetta's new clip

The car is running –ok,ok, dancing – to the rhythm of David’s beats. Not sure if the advertisement placed on the top of the building is translated in other countries or even censored/blurred when aired?


Here is the clip (the Renault Twizy is at 03:10)

I ask myself what’s the strategy followed by Renault: I think this promotion is to place the brand Renault and to give it a “younger” image, but why not having shown the car driving around in the city instead of showing an animated ad?


Here is the contra-green-example: Jay’z OTIS modded Maybach! Nice ride isn’t it? 😉

Maybach modded by Jay-Z

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