Here’s quick tip I wanted to share because you might face this little issue: you have eventually recorded some voice notes with the Samsung Android application and wanted to share these it with your friends or integrate it into an email and then… you found out that all your notes were recorded as .3ga files that you couldn’t even playback with your favorite media player. Ouch…

Now it’s time to convert your .3ga file into a playable .mp3 file… but how? Here is the easiest way to realize this without having to download doubtful pseudo-freeware converters! Read how to easily convert your 3ga files!

Step 1 : Download VLC:

Go to and install it

Step 2: Start VLC and select the “Convert/Save” menu option

The “Open Media” box appears. Press on “Add” and select the .3ga file you want to convert





Step 3: Select the “Convert” option

Step 4: The “Convert” dialog box appears.

Press the “Browse” button and give your destination file a name ending with the .mp3 extension. In “Settings” select the “Audio-MP3” profile.


Step 5: Press “Start”: VLC is converting and creates the MP3 file

While converting VLC will show you the progress of the conversion


Step 6: Voilà: your 3GA file is now converted into a MP3 file !


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