I wan’t my MTV back! On January 1st 2011 MTV Europe switched to a pay-tv channel leaving music fans alone with the channel VIVA. The problem is that music fans (like me) can’t live with only one free music channel. VIVA (which is owned by MTV-Viacom) is certainly cool, but after 8 PM old recycled series and curious cartoons appear. So where is the music and the nice videoclips? I decided to zap around on the ASTRA satellite to check which channel could be a real alternative to MTV. Here’s my list and be sure to get your satellite dish oriented to the ASTRA satellite to enjoy these new channels 😉

#1: Deluxe Music

This is my favorite channel. The mix between “old” (80s  to the 90s) and new video clips is really well done and by watching this channel you will be pleased to rediscover videoclips featuring Queen or Depeche Mode. Deluxe Music brings you also a full loaded bastard pop show (usually Saturdays at 10:00 PM “, something that is pretty new in the music channel sector. In the night, Deluxe Music broadcasts some nice chill-out tracks with beautiful pictures and if you are a jazz fan you will also be happy to discover, that Deluxe Music has some shows for you. Pretty nice is the fact, that the currently played clip is also shown in your EPG display so that you can’t miss the name of the performing artist. In my opinion the best alternative to MTV, without the stupid shows and ringtone adverts.


Show quality: High
Ad vs Music density: Low / none
Internet website displays the playlist. User can watch Deluxe Music and their other linked channels over the website.
Reception parameters:
Satellite: ASTRA 1H: Position: 19,2° east
Transponder: 92
Polarisation: V
Downlink: 12.246 GHz
27,5 MSymb/s
FEC: 3/4



Channel rating:


#2: Ojom TV

For those who are zapping around, you will have notice that OjomTV was previously known as JambaTV. But with this rebranding, they reconcentrated themselves on music. This channel is pretty cool because you will get pretty new videoclips. The target audience of the channel is the young people, so there will be a lot of hiphop and electro music. The originality of Ojom TV is that they don’t show you the video clips in full size, but within a smaller frame, the rest of the screen is used to show which phonenumber you have to call in order to get the currently broadcasted videoclip as a ringtone. Ok, I can live with it 😉 If you miss the old VIVA Germany flair, then Ojom TV is for you !

Show quality: Low / Medium (only a few prerecorded shows)
Ad vs Music density: High (incorporated in the videoclips + commercial break for ringtones)
SMS Voting. The channel can be watched over the internet.
Reception parameters:
Satellite: ASTRA 1H: Position: 19,2° East 12,46050 MHz Polarisation: H Transponder 103



Channel rating:


#3: YaVido

YaVido is also a German music channel that broadcasts rap, dance, but also rock and Pop videoclips. Like Ojom TV, the target audience is clearly the youngest among us, so I hope you won’t be surprised to find some teeny stars or some very high dangerous rappers from East Berlin 😉 This channel also displays adverts for clothes or fashion accessories as an overlay during videoclips.


Show quality: Medium / Thematic shows
Ad vs Music density: High (lots of commercials for independant artists)
TV channel with Internet website. SMS voting and SMS playlists
Reception parameters:
ASTRA 1 H, Transponder: 87, Polarisation: H  12.148,50 MHz,

Website: http://www.yavido.tv

Channel rating:


#4: imusic TV

This free music channel has the same concept like YaVideo: music every day with a good mix of recent (early 2000’s) and new videoclips.  During the breaks between the videoclips small reports (in German) are shown. Last time I’ve watched iMusic TV there was a report on how Haribo bonbons were produced 😉 A nice channel if you like the mix between of music and intelligent shows.


Show quality: Medium
Ad vs Music density: High (Some reports are clearly commercials and might have nothing to do with music)
SMS voting and SMS playlists
Reception parameters:
ASTRA 1 H, 19,2°
Eutelsat EUROBIRD 9A, 9° Ost

Website: http://www.im1.tv/

Channel rating: