Moby has released a new album called Destroyed. This album is a kind of back to the roots one. If you discovered Moby with 18 and Play you won’t be too much surprised to hear that this new album is a mix of pop and electro sounds. In the cd leaflet Moby explained that he wrote the tracks during nights while watching the empty cities. Moby also rediscovered the power of using choirs and powerful gospel singer to emphasize his tracks. Here are my first impressions concerning selected tracks.

Broken Places reminds me a lot of minimalistic composition of Trentemoller and in some way dub producer Burial. A superb juxtaposition of electro sounds, a classical drum machine perfectly combined with a melodic intro gives the tone of the whole drum.

Be the one is a very rock flavored track.

Sevastopol is a pure Moby techno track à la Machette

The Low Hum is also a very electronic track but with a beautiful female voice that will accompain you all along the track.

The Day is the most sad but also the most “pop”-flavored track.

Victoria Lucas is really nice. You will recognize parts of Play

After is one the most powerful tracks with a good electro beat and well place violin samples.

Blue moon is a very electronic track with a uplifting atmosphere and distorted, tunes that give a special touch to the track.

Stella Maris reminds me a lot of Look Back In and in some ways the ethereal chorus combined with high pitched strings will think you listen to the track Evenstar of the Lords of the Rings OST. In my opinion, the most powerful tracks of this album.

The Violent Bear it Away track brings the classic Moby piano arpeggios back with a pure melodic track.

To sum up, Destroyed is a good Moby album but is definitely more melancholic than Play or 18.