This group has made a very cool album for this summer, and their hit Way Back Home was already features in a Vodafone commercial. No, I’m not talking about a new auto tuned pop group re-featured à la David Guetta. I’m talking about Bag Raiders a very eclectic band coming directly from Australia. Their music Way Back Home started to be aired in Germany in April by Vodafone and now in complete Europe. To this point: have you never been impressed that almost each music used by Vodafone in their ads has turned the artist into a mega star (i mean well known, when you can say “Hey mammy this is the soundtrack of the Vodafone TV ad!”­. Here are some examples: Dandy Warhols (Bohemian Like You) Florence And the Machine (You Got the Love) Empire of the Sun (We Are The People) , Marting Solveig feat. Dragonnette (Hello) and now the Bag Raiders with Way back home

Bag Raiders’ style is quite difficult to classify because some tracks begins with an electro style and then slightly slide to some indie pop beats. Here are some of my favorite songs:


This track is a real pop song, the clip is the most interesting one, not only for the video performance of the monkey 😉


prepares your ears to the next song. Small arpeggios that will remind you the chords of Robbie Williams Feel).

Not Over

This is the most dancy and catchiest song of the whole album. 4 stars for this track 😉

Gone away

This track combines a piano chords and a 80s beat. The vocal reminds me of Sophie Ellis Bextor.


I have a kind of problem to classify this song. Yeah I think this song is rather made for a boy band, you know those like Take That that are going to throw their shirts in the crowd lol
This song reminds me of this time (the 90’s) and it would definitely fit in this schema. The song itself has a light flavor of Pet Shop boys and Depeche Mode in it.

Way back home

This is the track used by Vodafone in their German TV ad. It has a small touch of “Allein allein” interpretated by Polarkreis 18 about two years ago.

A good album that is exploring several styles. Perhaps too many which is not really negative but expect to be surprised!