Here and there you have certainly have heard of the new semantic web and Web 3.0. Web 2.0 was the so-called “community Web” corresponding to the numerous blogs, social networks and other APIs to let other people use the functions of a website.

That was indeed very interesting but a major problem was the correct information retrieval. That’s the point were semantic will play a major role in the future. Semantics try to find out from a combination of words, what the user wanted to say or to formulate.

The problem and the solution for this problem were explained in this article :

It’s a very complex field and the current attempts for GUI to allow a user to formulate SPARQL queries are not very user friendly. That’s why we (Simon Bergweiler and myself) decided to find a new way to interact with the upcoming Web 3.0. Now everyone can use Web 3.0 without having to be an SPARQL expert. Be sure to check our project’s website to get more details on upcoming researches around the new Web 3.0.

Direct YouTube link: Semantic Interactions with Spotlets