You might ask yourself what a good old French rocker Johnny Halliday (better known in USA as Smet thanks to star fashion designer Chrisitian Audigier )has something to do with augmented reality.

This question is legit but here is the answer: the French TV magazine Tele 7 jours are offering a pretty nice feature: if you place the cover of the magazine in front of your webcam you will have the pleasure to see our french rocker appear on the magazine’s cover playing a private concert for you; nice isn’t it? Indeed the French augmented reality specialized company Total Immersion really did a great job.

Of course like with each Total Immersion application you have to download a small plugin.
Total immersion is a well known name in the field of augmented reality: personaly I find the DS 3 launch website one of the best application: by printing a paper with a steering wheel drawn on it you can play a racing game trying to avoid some tricky obstacles placed on the road.

But back to the TV magazine: I was really pleased to see that even that the printed ads for Disneyland Paris and for McDonalds were “augmented reality” enabled. The ad for McDonalds is really funny: if you hide one of the three icons representing a Happy Meal box creature, the later will jump around and make some curious sounds ( ok it’s for kids so don’t be irritated if it’s getting too noisy !)

If you wish to try this funny augmented reality applications I’ve scanned for you the three magical sheets of the magazine: print them and go to the website

Have fun!