As you may have now seen, the new Nano 3 G was released a few weeks ago. The reviews on the internet concerning the iPod are sometime biased by enthousiastic geeks or early adopters. The following review is 100% objective


A picture to show how handy the new iPod is
The new Click Wheel is small and to my opinion too sensitive
The new Nano is very small I would say tiny!
The new Cover Flow interface

The new iPod is about 7 cm high and 5.2 cm wide. It’s weight: only 49.2 grams! Although the screen is pretty small it’s a pleasure to watch TV shows or video clips on it. There is no visual difficulty concerning the usage of menus.

But for someone who has big thumbs the usage of the click wheel might be adventurous: you will never know if you are going to select the next/previous track or going to change the volume. I would say the click wheel is very sensitive. More >