It’s a great pleasure for me to present this year at the CeBIT 2014 the new version of Swoozy – The Semantic TV System for which I’ve received last year a CeBIT Innovation Award. In the so-called Swoozy Entertainment Area Hall 9 F43 (DFKI booth) you will be able to discover a brand new way to interact with your television over gestures and to combine these with semantic technologies (Web 3.0).


Have you never asked yourself how old the news presenter could be? Or perhaps in which town your favorite sitcom was filmed? Never wished to get more video clips of the singer currently being interviewed or to get more information about a car in this secret agent film ? If you have ever asked yourself these questions and wanted to get instantly a precise answer then you will love Swoozy!

Just imagine: you are watching a nice serie like Sherlock Holmes and *bam* for some reason you would like to know More >