Robbie Williams – Kiss Me (Single)

Ok, Ok, everyone knowing me, will say : “5 stars for Robbie isn´t fair because you´re a Robbie fan “. My answer : althought I´m a Robbie fan this single is really cool and earns its 5 stars 😉 The beginning of the track reminds me of the Sega game “Sonic and Knuckles” ( here you can see that I´m a real computer freak ;-). The track in itself is bastard pop, very close to the Sugababes “Red dress”, and is a cover version of Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy´s track.
Pro: Catchy sound with electronical background
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: After 40 listenings the track is getting real

Fergie – The Dutchess

Fergie from the B.E.P has finally launched her solo album. What can I say ? It´s a juxtaposition of very poor RnB lyrics such as ( “Fergalicious” or “Glamourous”). Why the damn singing on first classes flights and champagne ?! Don´t expect too much concerning the music. The tracks are all in the current minimalist “à la Pharell” dirty south style sound except some “slows”. A track such as “Pedestal”, deserve an Award for the most ridiculous track… Listen carefull to “Big girls don´t cry” and you´ll hear Madonnas “Like a Prayer” : compare both tracks 😉 it´s too obvious
Pro: Two good RnB tracks despite very poor lyrics and too minimalistic RnB rythms.
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: Just a marketing “coup”, nothing else !

Justin Timberlake – Futuresex/Lovesounds

I´m just giving 3 stars because Justin´s new album doesn´t meet the high expectations. Produced by Timbaland, this albums lacks on inspiration.
The sounds heard in this album, are too close to Nelly Furtado´s one. Here are some track comparisions and probable inspirations : “Take away your love ” is a nice”How deep is your love” by Take That “Losing my Way : “They don´t care about us” by Michael Jackson “Pose” with Snoop Dogg reuses the “Gin and Juice” sample. You´ll rediscover Nelly Furtado´s “Wait for you” and “Maneater” with a small sample by X Zbit (Front to Back) in “FutureSex/LoveSounds”. The tracks “What Goes Around” and “Summer Love” are for me the bests and one (and only ?) possible reason to buy this album.
Pro: Timbaland productions
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: Perhaps Justin´s album should have been releasead before Nelly´s one, because they are very close musicaly speaking.

Paris Hilton – Paris

Oh my god! After crashing parties being in the newspapers Paris sings… or what we call “singing”…. Thanks to computer and good sound technicians we can say : yes it´s possible to launch a CD even if you aren´t a singer or talentous. If you´re mediatic and have a lot of money than you can reach the “high” talent of Paris Hilton : well selling your image. A ridiculous album !!!! “Jealousy” reminds me of the german girl group “No Angels” . That´s enough for this review, the other tracks are so mainstreamed and could have been sung by each first coming teen wannabe popstar that I´m not loosing my time to comment Paris new album !
Pro: Hard to find something positive in this album !
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: Mainstream banal like the first release of a wannabe star…

Christina Aguilera – Back to Basics

I must say this CD is one of the best of Christina´s closely following the style of her tracks “Hello” or “Singing my song” or “Stripped”. Well mixed with hiphop samples and even sample from “The chorus/Les choristes” (by Bruno Coulais) Xtina´s new CD is a nice combination of 30s old jazzy tunes, urban music with a gospel touch! She also give us the real good surprise to hear the full range of her beautiful and powerful voice. We are far away from “Genie in a bottle” and poor teeny lyrics ! The usage of hiphop samples (thx to DJ Premier) gives a power to each of the tracks
Pro: The well reached combination of 30s sounds and hiphop. The booklet is really nicely designed 😉
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: The second CD could have been better, it´s too “music-hall” except “Mercy on Me”

Loveparade 2006 – The Love is Back

The love is certainly back, but not the inspiration ! This CD is a real dissappointment. I tought I will get the new Loveparade feeling, but instead I`ve discovered poorly remixed tracks such as “We are alive” or “Insomnia”. Not very new !!! . For a electronic music fan like me, this CD is very poor and can´t reflect the actual trends of the electro scene. The CD is a compilation of minimalistic songs with no spirits. We are far far away from the 1995 or 1996 compilations. Hopefully the upcoming Loveparade won´t be as boring as this CD ! Only the anthem “United States of Love” is really original
Pro: The brand new anthem “United States of Love”
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: Minimalistic tracks. No Loveparade feeling. Xtime heard remixes : very boring….

Tiesto – In search of Sunrise 5

To go straight to the point this 5th Tiesto album doesn´t bring something new. The sounds remind “Tiesto-pure” with an uncompared touch of trance and vocal mix. Everyone knows DJ Tiesto from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. After his performance Tiesto became very famous and was often compared to Paul Van Dyk (especially for taking place #1 in the DJ list).
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: None 😉 Perhaps too Tiesto if you listened to ISOS 3 and 4.

Nelly Furtado – Loose

The first track and video I´ve heard in May was “Promiscuous” feat. Timbaland. The combination of the clip gave this track a real good R&B feeling. Unfortunately “Maneater” (samples ressembles to “I´m a maniac”) was choosen in Europe to be her first single of this album. Nelly in this album wanted to take some distance to her original “world music” style. This can be heard permanentely through the album. The ballad with Juanes is too “pop” and not very original. The rest of the album is a real good mix between R&B and the co-working with Timbaland.
The tracks “Afraid” and “Do It” reminds to JLos first tracks: funny to listen to, but not all day long ! In track “Somebody to love” you´ll recognize a short guitar riff from “Suga Suga”.
Pro: Tracks such as : Promiscuous Glow
All Good Things come to an End
(Pan flute samples à la El Condor Passa are great !!!)
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: Ballads are kinda killing the album´s

Bob Sinclar presents Goleo VI featuring Gary Pine – Love Generation

After each goal this track was played loud in the stadium during the World Cup 2006 in Germany. It`s interesting to know that this track was firstly used in a french TV program called “Star Academy” on TF1. During each commercial break before and after the TV show the sample “Feel the love generation” was played. Also funny was the transformation of the video clip : in october we suddently saw a Goleo in the video. For me this track will be always linked to the fantastic World Cup in Germany and I´m sure this track will take its place between “Football is coming home” by Three Lions or “1954-1974-2010” by Sportfreund Stiller for the next World Cup. Thanks to Bob Sinclar, the french DJ and composer for this track !
Pro: THE Summer track 2006 !
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: None 😉

Sugababes – Taller in More Ways (new edition)

After having changed (or swapped ?) Mutya for Amelle, a new cover and a new version of the “Taller in More Ways” CD was released. This new album is in the same style as “Three” with some cool bastard pop inspirations. The ballads are very beautiful (especially “2 Hearts” , “Now you`re gone”). The track “Follow Me Home” reminds me of the Spice Girls (;-) ) with a kinda “Viva forever” and “Two become one” with a touch of “Mother”. The pop tracks “Red Dress” and “Obsession” are really nervous and powerfu. “It Ain`t Easy” has a similar guitar sample like in some Goldfrapp´s tracks. “Ace Reject” ressembles to “The Beach” by All Saints (someone can remember this UK Girl group ?).
Pro: Original tracks such as “Red Dress” and “Obsession”
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Contra: “Gotta be you” wanted obviously to surf on the Gangsta Rap trend

Division Kent – Monsterproof

The first time I’ve heard something about “Division Kent” (it’s a swiss band) it was in March 2006 on my favorite radio station: The track was called “Faraday Cage” and the melodic, with “Moby-synth” and a filtered voice.
The track begins with a guitar riff (it reminds me of the first tabs of Oasis. Tango 2000 is very “Wir sind helden” near with german lyrics. “Sweet and vicious” is one of the “popiest” track of the CD, and the first I’ve heard this song, I thought it could be one of the newest Kylie Minogue’s track gently mixe with 2Raumwohnung touch. As you might have understand, it’s hard to define the music style. To make it short, I would say electro-pop with rock tendencies (like the track “Bordello Affair”). My feeling is simple: Division Kent will be the next big electro-pop band in the coming years, so go and buy this CD!
Release year: 2006
Artist’s official website
Pro: A new promiseful band with lot of cool sounds, that are recognizable among the very commercial stuff released by other artists.
Faraday cage is a very beautiful song
Contra: Sometimes the rock songs are too far away from the electro style, and may sound like “not on the right place on this CD”

Black Eye Peas – Monkey business

Hum… This is the first album where I’m asking myself in which music direction the BEPs wanted to go. The only track that is “new” is “Don’t phunk with my heart” with some oriental rythms. Some tracks are completely uncomprehensible such as “Bebot” that is a philippino rap (!). “Like that” and “Dum Diddly” are so boring because the lyrics have really no sense and the rythm is very minimalistic… Very disappointing.
James Brown the godfather of funk is also appearing in this album with “They dont’ want music”. The result is a really cool dancing track !

Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website

Pro: “Dont phunk with my heart”
“They don’t want music” with James Brown
Contra: Tracks are too minimalistic with sometimes stupid x-time relooped lyrics. Very boring and not very creative !

Lenny Kravitz – Baptism

Here is another album by Lenny Kravitz. This album is really nice with a subtile mix between fast tracks such as the aired “California” or “Where are we running” and ballads ‘Destiny” or “The other side”. The beginning of the track “Storm”, reminds me a german artist Patrice with “Sunshine”

Perhaps purists will throw me a stone, but Lenny Kravitz has a real Jimmy Hendrix inspiration that can be found in some 60’s flavoured tracks such as “Lady” or “I don’t wanna be a star”. We all know that Lenny also likes to put some special guests in his songs, but the Jay-z appearance in “Storm” has nothing to do in this track, it breaks the whole track, because the Jay-z’s rhymes has really no senses, it reminds “Me and my girlfriend” or “Crazy in Love”.

Pro: Good Lenny Kravitz album with a recognizable Jimmy Hendrix touch
Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Contra: Jay-z’s appeareance breaks the track “Storm”. Perhaps it was just some commercial

Sven Väth – The Sound of the sixth season

Each year I’m happy to discover Sven Väth’s new CD. This year you will get 2 CD and unfortunately there’s no DVD but one VCD. In the VCD you will find a 10min long musical photo slide show. The slideshow shows photos from the Cocoon Club the nice dancers and the Ibiza feeling 😉 Nice but a DVD with Sven mixing would be much much better !
I must say that I was quite disappointed with the CD 1 ( Called “Wild”) because there’s no real sound revolution or new sounds/melody and some tracks are too close to tracks of “The Sound of the fifth season”. The second CD ( Called “Life”) unfortunately is also disappointing. Some tracks are too noisy and disharmonic, I don’t hope this is going to be the sounds of the future and the upcoming year.
Pro: The Ibiza feeling
Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Contra: Too close to the “The Sound of the fifth seaon”, no real sound evolution

Amarantine – Enya

When someone say’s “Enya”, most people remember September 11th with “Only times” or the “Adiemus” tracks or even “May It be” played during the Lord Of the Rings movie. This new album is on the same high musical level : beautiful melodies with transcendental vocals. Enya is the queen of a music style regrouping new wave and irish music. My favourite track is “Remember now” and “Amarantine” because they are really and placing you in a meditative state . For Enya fans some other tracks such as “Dragonfly”, are unfortunately belonging to “previously heard Enya tunes” and by this, they are loosing there originality.

Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Pro: Another very good Enya Album
Contra: None 😉

Confessions on the dancefloor – Madonna

After a 2 year musical break Madonna is back. Of course it’s kinda controversial like each Madonna releases : the song “Isaac” tell us about the life of the kaballah founder Isaac Luria (1534-72), a messianic figure. The usage of his name in order to earn money is forbidden by the jewish law. Another interesting thing : on one of her track you may hear someone cry : don’t worry it’s just one of Madonna’s neighbours ! lol This album was made in an appartement studio that’s the reason of these (un ?)wanted sounds. For those who like the Citroen C4 commercial and especially the electronical music: good news : composer Jacques from Les Rythmes Digitales has also helped Madonna in this album !

Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Pro: A nice dancing music album.
Contra: It’s too easy to take Abba’s hit samples 😉

Intensive Care – Robbie Williams

After “Escapology” the expectations where great for Robbie’s new album… Well the single “Tripping “, the first time I heard it was very very strange because nobody ever heard Rob’ singing reggae ! I couldn’t believe that this track came from Rob’s new album. “Make me pure” is a nice ballad but doesn’t have the same effect as a “Feel” or an “Angel”.
I don’t want to be too critic but, Robbie please bring us a second “Let me entertain you” because I can’t say I was entertained by this album !
Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Pro : Robbie is trying a new musical style.
Contra : No hits à la “Feel”, “Rock DJ” etc…

The Politics of Dancing 2 – Paul Van Dyk

To be quite frank I’ve expected more of this album. Listening to electro music each day I was a bit disappointed because I heard tracks I used to listen to several monthes ago. My favourite tracks are : “Second Day” Jose Amnesia Vs. Serp . The track “Nothing” by Holden & Thompson or “Tangerine” by Calmec were taken SO many times in DJ sets around the world that to my ears these are old tracks and give this “already heard” impression to the whole album. In fact there’s no new music style introduced : the rythm remained in the good old PVD style. Some experts may redistinguish samples and effects taken from the “Reflections” album… By the way the only original track is in my opinion “The Other Side”. I really hope that Paul will launch his self produced album soon !
Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Pro : The Other Side track is beautiful
Contra : Too many “already heard” tracks

Do you believe in the Westworld – Westbam

Well, this album is … I would say a little bit experimental. The way Westbam has made each track is quite strange when you listen it for the first time. Some tracks like “Geschmackspolizei” and “Bang the loops” are very original and you may hear the samples used during the Loveparade Anthem (yeap it’s normal because Westbam was the composer 😉 ) . “It’s not Easy” reminds me of Moby with this chilled piano sequence. This album contains some never heard sounds which gives a new dimension to the tracks. If you are looking for some dance tracks than you better take Westbam’s Mix CD than this album : you won’t find the “power” of a “Telavision” or an “Oldschool Baby” with Nena”. This album is for listening while chilling in your armchair 😉
Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Pro : New and known sounds samples are reappearing
Contra : Not really an electro-dance album as expected

The Other Side – Paul Van Dyk

Today I’ve selected the beautiful track “The Other Side” by Paul Van Dyk and Wayne Jackson. Following the same vocal ambience as “Nothing but you”, this track (unfortunately the only Dyk’s one on the upcoming “Politics of Dancing 2”) deals with a serious problem : death. That’s not funny topic for a dance track, but if you carefully listen to the track, you may discover how Paul and Wayne presents this “Other side” of life.

Release year: 2005
Artist’s official website
Pro: A beautiful track in the “Time of our lives” style.
The Martin Roth mix
Contra: The Mark Spoon Vs. Mobilegazer “Sundown Mix : no thank you !

Britney Spears – Greatest Hits: My prerogative / CD2

Straight to the answer, why I didn’t presented CD1: it’s because everyone knows her tracks and it would really have been unfair to criticize Mrs Spears ;-). So I decided to focus on the second CD called “Remix” and presenting 5 #1 hit remixes. My favorite track is “Breathe on me” produced by Jacques Lu Count aka Stuart Price. Why? Because you might re/recognize “Push me” by Madonna 😉 This electronic version of “Breath on me” is really, with some kinda erotical vocals and some wet weaving rythms the best track of this second CD. The other tracks are too artificial with some very boring rythmes, x-time heard in clubs, not very new for my ears;-)

Release year: 2004
Artist’s official website
Pro: Toxic by Arman van Helden
Breathe on me by Jacques Lu Count
Contra: Thunderpuss mix (mix is too common and too many extended loops) and Miguel ‘Migs’ Mix : too slow !

Howard Shore – The Lord of the rings Series

The fellowship of the ring :
Beautiful soundtrack, well orchestrated by Howard Shore. The irish passage are beautifull and really gives the whole film a special atmosphere. The Enya track “May it be” perfectly matches to this soundtrack. To be quite frank, Enya could have made the whole soundtrack because there are so many tracks especially on “Memory of trees”

The tower towers:
Althought the film doesn’t completely correspond to the J.R.R Tolkien book, the continuation of the sound track is well done. You will find the same atmosphere in this second CD.
The return of the king:
Hum, sad to say but the soundtrack isn’t so good as the first two ones. On this CD you will find. What strickes me a lot is the apparition of tracks with lyrics. I think that the final track “Into the West” due to the fact that the song is sung breaks the atmosphere. A pure musical track may have been better to “quit”. I was also sad not to find the complete song of the trailer. Just a short extract from “The steward of Gondor” reminds me of the epic trailer music. This CD should have been better…
Pro: Another very good soundtrack by Howard Shore
Contra: The third CD is perhaps to commercially oriented.