Angry Birds by Rovio belongs to the mobile games of 2010 that are really addictive. The concept is pretty simple: you take the old concept of missiles being launched through the air over a mountain in order to hit tanks on the other side of the mountain.
Do you remember? I’ve played this game almost 12 years ago at school with the good old Texas Instrument and on the four color Casio Calculator CFX-9940GT (with 32Kb internal Memory!)

This game was really really funny and perhaps for some of my friends, the discovery that angle and tangent functions combined with physics was more interesting than the professor’s lesson 😉 Now put some physics engines in this games and swap the missiles for cute birds, you’ll get Angry Birds.


Angry Birds is really a cool game, and what’s pretty cool: it’s free. There are currently several versions of Angry Birds, the Angry Birds Seasons being my favorite one for the Xmas time. So pick up your Goggle App on your Android, snap that QR Code and have fun!

Rating: 5/5

If you have something against throwing birds in the air, be sure to check the iPhone game called “Crush The Castle” based on the same principle: a catapult and a curiously built structure. But this time you will need to target the kings and queens… Ok, same concept 😉