I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas with the hope that Santa Claus will bring you a lot of cool iPads, Android phones and Kinects or perhaps other IT-Gadgets like the Zhu Zhu Pets (ok it’s the low-cost Chinese version of the more interesting Furby) or a Chumby. It’s also time to ask ourselves what will be hyped or new in 2011. Like each year here are my IT-predictions.

  • New iPads with two cameras will be a topic till June 2011 (yes because in June you will get the iPhone 5 with certainly a new display and hopefully without the famous reception bumper!)
  • New Macs with a convergences of iOS and MacOS X
  • New Microsoft OS for Tablets at CES
  • Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb
  • Nintendo 3DS will be a milestone in the adoption of glass-free 3D displays

This leads me also to think that 2011 will be the year of maturity for Tablets OS and multitouch devices, because I’ve seen a lot of bad tablet with touchscreens this year and OS that weren’t as responsive as claimed in the ads.

What else?

  • If in 2011 the auto stereoscopic 3D displays aren’t going to hit the shelves, then I really think 3D will have huge difficulties to be adopted by buyers, even if they are hardcore Avatar fans.Let’s hope that for the Euro 2012 Football Championship we will get all football games in 3D on TV but please, without glasses! Wearing 3D glasses is certainly cool looking but just imagine your deception when you are going to friends and you’ve forgotten to bring your glasses: 90 minutes of pure blurry images! But I think the Nintendo 3DS in March 2011 will show us the real way.
  • A huge number of Kinect Hacks. Believe me this depth camera has a huge potential even to kill the multitouch hype of 2007-2009 because such cameras have never been so cheap.  2011 will definitely be the year of the craziest Kinect hacks.
  • First electric cars to massively hit our roads.
  • I wrote two years ago about this topic, but I’ve never seen something more exiting that 3D printers. Yes I know they are really expensive, but I really hope that one of the big printer manufacturers will bring a personal version of such 3D printers.

So let’s hope everything will happen as predicted and of course like each year there will be huge surprises in the IT-World, perhaps the emergence of a new Facebook or Twitter? Who knows 😉

Merry Xmas and here two funny things I’ve found on the web 😉

(Picture edited by Bild.de from an original picture by Fakt.pl)