After “Confessions on the dancefloor”, this new Madonna CD had to reach a certain level. Unfortunalety for first listeners, you will think that you are listening a Nelly Furtado alike mixed by Timbaland. Yes, this is certainly a RnB CD, but there’s no originality; pretty sad for Madonna. Track such as “She’s not me” or “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You” are raising the global level, but tracks like “Spanish Lesson” or “Voices” are pretty strange on this L.P. “Voices” even seemed to be very badly recorded. To be quiet frank, the “real” masterwork of Timbaland can be curiously only heard at the end of some tracks.
Pro: “She’s not me” ,”Beat Goes On” in which you clearly recognize Timbo’s talent
Release year: 2008

Contra: “Voices” and “Spanish Lesson” are absolutely not fitting in this LP. “Voices” is so badly recorded