Augmented reality is cool, and combining a real surprise with a virtual one is one of the surprises delivered by Ferrero in their chocolate Kinder eggs.

Do you remember the action made by the French TV magazine Tele 7 Jours to celebrate the anniversary of Johnny Halliday? (see Post)
The French rocker came to life in a 3D virtual concert when you placed the magazine in front of a webcam.

The French company Total Immersion who did this, now teams with Ferrero in order to give us more surprise while opening the Ferrero Kinder chocolate eggs. Let’s have a look what’s inside the surprise egg!

The principle is really simple. With a little luck you will find a mini plastic hand shape in the egg.

Then you need to go on and install the Total Immersion plug in.

Once installed you can now have a lot of fun with the games by placing the plastic hand in front of your webcamera.

Note: After approx. 15 seconds of playing you will notice that itā€™s not really augmented reality šŸ˜‰ In fact wether you hold the plastic hand or not, you will still be able to select objects and select the menu items on the screen. The plastic hand is only used for the language selection at the start of the games.

One of the craziest Ferrero ā€œdigital surpriseā€ was found by a friend of mine: an USB stick! The USB stick (only) contained a link to the Magic-surprise website but we were laughing a lot when we saw it, reminding ourselves that we once were happy with just a plastic dwarf or toy Ā and that today’s kids are now receiving USB sticks in their chocolate eggs. New generation, new games, new surprisesā€¦.