As you might have read on some webpages, Volkswagen has launched a contest called “App My Ride“. Goal of this contest is to
implement a small Flash/Flex-based application for a VW car entertainement system.

With my colleague Medhi, we have
submitted an application called “Locatunes”

Full description after the break:

While driving and listening to music (through the app) the driver can select a music track or album and send it to friends.

This can be done either through a car to car communication technology or through a mobile app; friends and family members can use a mobile app (on a smartphone) to send to the car driver (passenger) a song through the app.
The sender can determine at which place (on the map) or at which time he wants the app to inform the driver about the sent song.
In the following app, you can see that the driver receives from his wife (Mary) a recommendation based on the position of the car. The driver can then listen to the song or save it for later use.
The main idea of Locatunes is to use GPS position and the parameter time to enable a unique innovative multimedia experience through car to x communication: a location based music system.