Sven Väth – The sound of the Eighth Season

The biggest deception of the year. Minimalistic sounds with stupid lyrics. And what about this last track (“Rhapsody In Pain” by Pepe Bradock) which mixes sounds produced by suffering persons !? No thanks this is really too weird for me to call it music. This CD is really the worst of the “The Sound of” serie. No originality and I can’t believe people are chilling on Ibiza with those tunes. You can’t even dance or rock on those tracks! It deserves its null star, even Paris Hilton’s CD was more interesting than this CD. Sorry Sven, but next year I won’t buy your album, my “The Sound of” collection will stop with this CD.
Pro: Nothing
Release year: 2007 Contra: Everything

Kylie Minogue – X

Why did I buy this album? For only one track and I wasn’t disappointed : “Synchronized”. It’s a cover/reprise of “Bonnie & Clyde” by Serge Gainsbourg. Why is it so interesting? Because a French rapper, called MC Solaar took the same sample back in the 1997’s to produce it’s hit “Le Western Modern”. Funny enough to become a positive argument to buy this album. The rest of the album is a mix of electro pop à la Britney-Madonna, not bad, but not very original. Pure Kylie fan’s won’t be too disoriented…
Pro: “Synchronized” with the “Bonnye & Clide” sample
Release year: 2007 Contra: “Nudity” ? What does Kylie want to say ? Very strange 🙂

Justice – Cross

The first time I heard Justice I thought that this group was really cool especially when you see the “D.A.N.C.E.” clip. The first time I listened to this album, I tought : is this music or just noise? Yes this album is noisy sometimes inaudible, but after having listened to it over 50 times I can say: yeah it’s music. “Waters of Nazareth”, “D.V.N.O” are great powerful tracks, the other tracks are also great, but unfortunately in some case too crazy!
Pro: Completely awesome noisy tracks
Release year: 2007 Contra: Some tunes like “Stress” may damage your ears or your brain if you are listening too long to them 😉

Miss Nine – Yoshito

If you’re a looking for some well mixed dance tracks, this compilation is for your. Mixed by Miss Nine, a model and DJane, this trance-dance-house-electro album will certainly transport you to a typical I’m feeling good state. “Smaller” is certainly the most catchy track of the whole album. If you like this album be sure to visit Miss Nine’s website, because she’s also posting new mixes.
Pro: Catchy sound with electronical background
Release year: 2007 Contra: None

Timbaland – Shock value

Mister Timbaland produced Aaliyah, Bubba Sparxx and other stars in the past. More recently he featured Nelly Furtado’s “Loose” album, Now he’s back with a lot of new sounds and featuring artists such as long time friends Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, 50 Cent and of course Magoo. You will have several potential hits such as “Apologize” with One Republic, “Throw It On Me”. With this album, Timbo shows his whole producer/mixer talent! One new voice : Kerry Hilson in “Scream”.
Pro: A fresh album with nice R’n’B beats
Release year: 2007 Contra: “Bombay” reminds me of “Truth Hearts”: awful